What Doctors Think


WhatDoctorsThink.com is a wholly owned subsidiary of Telemedical Solutions, Inc.

Robert Cykiert, M.D., a physician and medical industry entrepreneur is one of the founders and current president of Telemedical Solutions, Inc.

WhatDoctorsThink.com offers market research, survey design, survey development, survey distribution and results analysis services to companies that need insights offered by over 400,000 physicians and health care providers in all specialties and geographic regions. We also have extensive experience working with hundreds of medical companies helping them get online access to hundreds of thousands of doctors who are their customers.

Whether you are conducting market research or need to tune your advertising to doctors, nothing beats well designed and efficiently deployed online surveys for quick turnaround, low cost, valuable results.

Cleverly designed surveys can also be used to influence physicians' thinking about your company, products and services.

Concerned about global warming as much as we are? Use GREEN online methods for your healthcare research and marketing. It doesn't waste paper and trees, doesn't require incineration or disposal, and it's 100% recyclable.

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