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Survey Services

We can help design your survey, which can be hosted on your web site or ours. We can also assist you in composing an email message that invites doctors to complete your survey via a link to your survey web site. We broadcast that email message to the specific physicians or healthcare providers you would like to target. If you need advice on any aspects of your survey, you can consult a physician with years of healthcare-survey experience.

We have online access to over 450,000 physicians and healthcare providers in every specialty. We can broadcast your survey invitation to all or any subset of those doctors, depending on how many respondents you need.

We offer optional, real-time click-through / hit counter tracking so you know how many doctors visited your survey compared to how many completed the survey. We also save the email addresses of the doctors who visited the survey (but didn't complete it) so you can possibly send them a follow up message with additional inducements or an honorarium to complete the survey.

If we host your survey on our web site, we also provide you with detailed statistical results and analysis of the survey on a dedicated, private web page which only you have access to, or in a Microsoft Excel spread sheet format. If you wish, we can also create a web site with your results, and then you can invite visitors to view them--for example, you can invite survey respondents to view cumulative results of the survey they participated in.

We offer rapid turnaround--in most cases we can invite doctors to your survey within 12-24 hours of your approval of the email invitation and survey web site (if we are hosting it). We have an experienced quality assurance team, and we ask you to approve the final product so you can be certain that your survey will go off on time and error free.

We also offer help with email marketing campaign designs to doctors, based on many years of experience with hundreds of medical companies we've helped. You can even request archive samples of work we've done in the past.

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