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Privacy Policy

Data Collection

WhatDoctorsThink.com will not use the data collected from your surveys, any information you provide to us about your surveys, or survey participant information, in any way and will not divulge the results of your survey to any one else but you at any time. Your data and survey information will be stored in a secure manner at all times.

Survey Participants

If you provide us with names, email addresses or other identifying information of survey participants that you would like to use in your survey, we will not use that information for any purposes other than your survey at any time.

We will not provide you with the names, email addresses or other identifying information of any survey participants that we provide for your survey from our extensive database. However, in some situations you may possibly obtain some of that information as part of your survey results.

Survey Recipients and Respondents

Telemedical Solutions, Inc. (TSI) will not reveal the email address or other identifying information of any physician or healthcare provider or other recipient or respondent of a WhatDoctorsThink.com survey to any other entity, company or person. However, TSI, or one of it's divisions, subsidiaries, partners or acquirers may use your email address to send you other information, newsletters or advertisements that TSI considers to be pertinent to your profession or business.

General Policy

These privacy policies are effective as of December 1, 2007. WhatDoctorsThink.com reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time by updating the policy on this web site.

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